2024 WEAJ COE Clinic Outline


Hi all, I am Taito Okamura, lead Instructor of COE Clinic. I am so excited to invite you to WEA credential program and spread it not only into Japan but also into Asian countries through your excellent outdoor leadership. COE Clinic is new program of WEA launched since 2019 and it has attracted many high quality outdoor educators form OB, NOLS, AMGA, and other outdoor professional organization who emphasize wilderness expedition style education. This unparalleled outdoor education has not recognized in Asian society yet but I believe this will help to develop our outdoor leadership and establish outdoor professionalism in our industry.

Again, thanks for joining our program. I hope you to enjoy sharing outdoor experience and professionalism. Let's create outdoor bridge among Asian counties.

You can refer COE Clinic Manual for E and J from the button below. You will get paper book in the course.

COE Candidates

We have got three international and five Japanese candidates. The course will be run in English and followed up in Japanese because two candidates can't speak Japanese and English is global language. However, understanding the lesson exactly and feeling comfortable is essential for successful course. Please use Japanese language for your lesson, question, and conversation.

Hank YapAsia Camp Educators AcademyLNT Level 2 Instructor, WFA Instructormapscamptac@gmail.com
Brandon CheeWilderness InspirationKuala Lumpur, MalysiaLNT Level 2 Instructor, WEMT, WALS, SWRT , Bushcraft Survival Instructor , Wilderness Medical Instructorbrandon@gacadventure.com
Toshiya TsukaharaKurikoma-Kogen Outdoor SchoolKurihara, MiyagiLNT Level 3 Instructor, WMTC-WFR, EFR Instructor JEEF Instructor, RAJ River Guide, RAC Trainer, CONE Risk Manager, Nature Game Trainer1048tsukahara@gmail.com
Tatsuya TeradaHino Social Education CenterHino, TokyoNACJ Camp Director 1, NEAL Leader, WMA-WFR, JMGA Hiking Guide Level Ⅱ, LNT Level 3 Instructor, CONE Risk Manager, Rescue 3 SFR, Rescue3 TRRT, RAJ River Guideterada-t@hino-shakyo.com
Yuri SatoKunitach Farm SchoolKunitachi, TokyoLNT Level 1 Instructor, WMTC WFRy_sato@hatakenbo.org
Junpei OzawaNOTSKomae, TokyoNACJ Camp Director 2, CONE Risk Manageraporo19861015@gmail.com
Kentaro InamatsuNOTSKomae, TokyoNACJ Camp Director 1, NEAL Instructork_inamatsu@nots.gr.jp
Song WeiShanhai MingXin Outdoor Leadership CenterBeijing, ChinaWEA COL, LNT Level2, WMA WFR, AHA FA instructor, CMA CEI, ACA Level2 instructor, sundos@wuxuzone.cn


We have two excellent apprentices who help your learning and creating portfolio. Feel free to contact them.

Shinsuke Shimasaki

is owner and director of Shinshu Outdoor Project who is WEAJ organization member. He took COE in 2015 through accreditation pass and run the 2018 COL Course in Nagano. He also hosted WEAJ Conference 2018, too. He has contributed as WEAJ board and director of Training Committe since 2015.



Masahiko Tokuda

is outdoor faculty of Osaka Sport University. He was the student of the first COL Course in Japan 2013 and upgraded COE 2015 via accreditation pass. He contributed to WEAJ as a president for 2019-2021 and directed very challenging conference in 2020 and 2021 COVID pandemic.



Logistics Information

Registration:is opened from 830 to 900 on March 11, 2024 at classroom.

Classroom LocationA-Flow(338-2 Mitake-Honmachi, Ome, Tokyo). 5 min walk from Mitake Station on JR Ome line. By car, you may park at Mitake Koryu Center Parking for 500 yen per day where is just beside classroom.

Lodging: A-yard(359 Mitake-Honmachi, Ome, Tokyo). You will be needed extra 15,000JPY including 2 night bed, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners (Not including lunch. you can ask lunch box or go restaurant around classroom). You will pay them to lodge directory. Credit card is available. If you wanna add one more night on March 10, 6,000JPY will be plus without any meals.

CertCertified Outdoor Educator (COE). For Japanese, you have to register either individual membership(15,000JPY) or organization membership(25,000JPY). For international, you need to apply WEA membership to register the certification. Either way, you need to be organization member to provide any WEA credential program (OLE, OLTC and COL).

Contact:WEAJ Training Committee:Masashi Tokuda, Shinsuke Shimazaki (dd@weaj.jp) and please cc WEAJ office (office@weaj.jp).

Course Design

The course will be run in indoor classroom and riverside of Tama River. Bold letter will be run outside. Japanese March will be started warming but need to ready for cold weather. Through the three day, the program will be very tight, so a little chance to expand closing time to complete the curriculum. Hope you to be flexible.

Monday, March 11Tuseday, March 12Wendsday, March 13
900 Course and Day Framing
1000 WEA History(Taito)
1100 SPEC Review(Tokuda)
1300 SPEC Challenge
1500 WEA6+1 & Credential Program(Shimazaki)
1600 Student Teaching Administration(Taito)
1700 Portfolio Artifact and Design(Tokuda, Shimazaki)
1800 Day Closing

HW:OLTC Course Design
900 Day Framing/ HW Feedback
1000 OLS Teaching1
1100 OLS Teaching2
1300 OLS Teaching3
1400 OLS Teaching4
1500 OLS Teaching5
1600 Journal Writing(Tokuda)
1700 360 Evaluation(Taito)
1800 Day Closing

HW: 360 Evaluation
900 Day Framing/ LS Teaching 1
1000 LS Teaching 2
1100 LS Teaching 3
1300 LS Teaching 4
1400 LS teaching 5
1500 360 Evaluation Simulation(Taito)
1700 Wrap up
1800 Course Closing

Teaching Assignment

Each student have to create lesson plan ahead and teach specific topic below with in 20 min. You have to submit lesson plan with proper format (Title, Goal, Task, Procedure, Assessment etc., see Manual) to the committee (dd@weaj.jp + Cc office@weaj.jp) until March 10. You will be expected to plan and teach based on WEA6+1 knowledge and skill using SPEC model. While you can use basic stationary we prepare, you should prepare and take educational material you wanna use for your teaching. For more detail of SPEC and student teaching, please refer COE Clinic Manual above and supporting resources below. Don't use power point. Don't use big white board. We are outdoor educator.

OLS Teaching1 Backpacking: Sato
OLS Teaching2 Cloth Selection: Brandon
OLS Teaching3 Ration Planing: Ozawa
OLS Teaching4 Water Purification: Inamatsu
OLS Teaching5 Navigation: HK

LS Teaching1 Situational Leadership: Sundos
LS Teaching2 Group Dynamics: Ozawa
LS Teaching3 Communication: Terada
LS Teaching4 Collaboration: Inamatsu
LS Teaching5 Expedition Behavior: Tsukahara

Supporting Resources:
Backcountry Classroom(EN)
Outdoor Leader Digital Handbook COE Package(JP)


The portfolio is one of the biggest challenge to be COE. You have to prove how you can demonstrate, teach and evaluate WEA6+1 in professional tone. You will create document and prepare for artifacts below. Please read the module 5: COE in COE Clinic Manual carefully. Japanese is definitely fine.

Primary Documents:
Cover Letter: Who you are? Why take COE? How use COE?(500 English words or 1200 Japanese letters)
Resume: Professional career, training, certification and awards etc.
Field Experience Log: 100 days or more, including field trip for 30 days or more with 3 or more over night. Day trip is less than 21 and Challenge course is less than 7 (see more detail in Manual).
Wilderness Education Philosophy Statement: Your view, values, and insight for education in outdoor including student learning goal, your prefer teaching method and assessment. (500 English words or 1200 Japanese letters)

WEA6+1 Artifacts and Evidence(See Appendix D in Manual):
you have to create and organize your artifact for 6+1 educational components (outdoor living skill, plan&logistics, risk management, environmental integration, education, leadership and judgement) based on following categories.
Curriculum Design and Instruction: Design and delivery of structured learning program and experience in outdoor.
Assessment and Evaluation Tools: Assessment and evaluation tool used test, quiz, or feedback.
Certification and Training: Certification card, certificate of completion etc.
Additional Evidence: Degree, article, book, lector etc.

Once you completed the document, you will organize them into proper folder like below and put on Google Drive and share with "office@weaj.jp". Please complete to upload portfolio folder until February 10. Once checked by COE review team, you will get feedback 1)Pass, 2)Need additional artifact or revise. or 3)Fail (means not to attend COE Clinic) from COE review team.

As each candidate has unique outdoor professional career, so the portfolio should be accepted variety and diversity. You have a freedom in selecting artifacts. We would evaluate your professionalism form many types of document and media such as:

・Written Papers
・Journal Abstracts
・Route Plans
・Rations Plans
・ Skill Videos
・ Peer reviews
・Delivered lesson plans
・Formal qualifications
・Instructor Feedback

・Reference letters
・Climbing Logs
・Trip Reports
・Written assignments
・Teaching evaluations
・Curriculum plans
・Videos of teaching
・Books, book chapters
・Supervisor evaluations

・Skill assessment forms
・Instructional videos
・Certification cards
・Course Guides
・Feedback forms
・Webinars delivered
・Emergency Action Plan
・Evacuation Plan

See you and brush up our outdoor leadership in Mitake .

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