▼What's COE Clinic ?

The 3 day intensive course to challenge Certified Outdoor Educator which certify WEA COL, OLTC, and OLE. The course would be targeted highly experiential outdoor educator and focused only on WEA curriculum, instruction and teaching method, and how to run the each WEA course.

What's COE?

✔️ The global standard for those who will instruct outdoor leadership.

✔️ Can provide WEA COL, OLTC and OLE course.

✔️ the organization which COE belong in can apply WEA accreditation.


Date:at 900 on March 11 - at 1700 on March 13, 2024
LocateA-Flow(338-2 Mitake-honmachi, Ome, Tokyo)
 ※Lodging (including meals) needs extra 15,000JPY.
CertCertified Outdoor Educator (COE)
 ※To register the certification you need to apply WEA membership.
Instructors:Taito Okamura,+ a few COE Apprentices.
Participants:Maximum 6 - Minimum 3
Condition:Need following condition and those artifacts
①Have a field instruction experience for 100 days or more.
②The breakdown for 100 day has to include following.
 ・Leading field trip for 30 day or more including 3 or more over night trip (※1).
 ・Leading day trip within 21 days or less(※2,3), or of those, leading challenge course is within 7day or less (※4).
  ※1:Must include one overnight at least one night.
  ※2:One day leading includes instruction of skiing, rock climbing, environmental education, or wilderness medicine.
  ※3:3 hours or more is counted one day. 3 hours or less is counted half day.
  ※4:Challenge course included ROPES course, initiative game, etc.
③Practice of teaching such as Leader Of the Day, and Student Teaching for 30 days or more, or have attended WEA Outdoor Leader Training Course(OLTC). For those who have not done either, we would recommend to attend OLTC after the completed the clinic.
Contact:WEAJ Training Committee:Masashi Tokuda, Shinsuke Shimazaki(dd@weaj.jp) and please cc Taito Okamura (office@weaj.jp).

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