Welcome to the 3rd conference of Wilderness Education Association Japan. We hope to provide you the opportunity sharing outdoor world beyond the country. We will invite             , the            of WEA to this conference and you must get lasting information of American outdoor society. Although Our conference is concentrated into one day, however we would connect to the academic conference of Japan Outdoor Education Society, which is supporting organization of our conference. You will have a chance to present your research at this conference, too. Fukuoka is one of the most popular area for sightseeing, traditional food shopping, and playing  in Kyushu. We hope we can meet you in Kyushu this summer.

9:00-10:00 General Meeting

9:00-10:00 Registration Open

10:00-11:00 Opening Keynote

“Universal Design of WEA 6 core components ”

Kelli McMahan (President-elect of WEA)

11:00-12:30 Workshop Session1


13:30-14:30 Luncheon Keynote

“Change Japan from Mountain”

Astute Yamada (President of Field & Mountain Inc.)



“The Power of Outdoor Leadership Training for Company ”

Shingo Seta (WiLLSeed Co., Ltd.)

Hiroshi Hamatani (Hokkaido University of Education)

14:30-16:00 Workshop Session2

16:00-17:30 Workshop Session2

18:00-21:00 Evening Social, Award Ceremony, Outdoor Goods Auction & Closing Session

Entry Fee

Professional 8000 yen/ Student 4000 yen/ Oversea Participant 4000 yen

*Please pay in cash on the day.

Contact Us

Shigeaki Furuya, Chair of 3rd WEAJ Conference Exective Committee